A writer’s life!

It’s been a busy few months. I’m not complaining. Life is going well and my career as a freelance writer is starting to take shape.

In September I ran a series of workshops for Nottingham Libraries, teaching children how to write scripts. I learned a great deal from this and was lucky to have support from an ex-tutor of mine from The University of Nottingham. He has a background in stage performance and was an integral part of my workshops. Not only did the children write five mini-plays they also performed them at their school. It was a brilliant workshop activity and one which I hope to continue in the future.

In December I shall be working at The Harley Gallery in Worksop. Quentin Blake’s Exhibition ‘As Large as Life’ will form the inspiration for communal poetry. I shall be working with groups of 30 children, teaching them different poetry forms, from which they will construct their own ‘class poem’. This will then be turned into a mini book, complete with illustrations. I cannot wait! I grew up with Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake; they were my childhood companions. I went everywhere with a copy of The Magic Finger and, The Twits, tucked under my arm and I yearned to be as talented as my idols. To say that I am excited by the thought of using Quentin’s illustrations as a backdrop to my teaching is an understatement. I have bruised arms from the pinching I keep doing!

So life is good. I feel the balance between teaching creative writing and doing it myself is slightly biased towards the former. But… I am writing. On Monday, 4th November I shall be reading a short story to a group of around 150 people as part of Nottingham’s Mayhem! Horror Festival. It’s being held at the Broadway Cinema and Cafebar and I am uber excited by this. Not nervous. Just glad that something I have written is being put out there. 

Life is all about doing things in moderation, isn’t it? So, a bit of teaching, a bit of writing. And a pinch of self-belief. It just goes to show that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve most things – not all, but most!




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