It’s been Mayhem!

Mayhem Film Festival

Mayhem Film Festival

It’s been a very busy week. On Monday I took part in Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival. Don’t worry, I haven’t forsaken my writing; no acting was involved! The event was hosted by Niki Valentine, author of The Haunting and Possessed, and co-founder of Nottingham Writers’ Studio. Niki loves all things horror and is a firm supporter of Nottingham writers. What better way to showcase her support than inviting writers to read horror related stories and poetry?

So, who was there? Chris Pearson ( read his horror/love story hybrid which brought down the house. It was a poignant and moving piece, combined with real horror – in this case what happens when love is unrequited and you happen to be psychotic!

Angela K Foxwood took a break from writing stunning poetry and delivered a spooky tale with a warning: be grateful for what you have, unless you wish to be sucked into another more sinister reality… If horror is not your thing, check out Angela’s blog: where you will find the most wonderful poetry.

Pete Davis, the legendary storyteller amused us with scary tales. You have to see him in action, he is one of the most funniest people I have ever met. He runs a story workshop at The Broadway Cinema and Café Bar in Nottingham. I urge you to book a place!

The uber talented Pippa Hennessy came along writh her good friend, Victor Uggla, who charmed the crowd. by waving to everyone and giving declarations of love. Though I’m not sure how supportive he is of Pippa, as when she read her ‘horrorscope’ tale (which was funny and scary – a rare combination), Victor spent the whole time under the table.

Victor takes a break from wooing.

Victor takes a break from wooing.

Megan Taylor also read a short story ( . I was in awe of her for most of the evening and kept a respectful distance until she approached me and offered her congratulations. High praise indeed coming from someone as talented as Megan Taylor!

Oh, what’s that? You want to know how my reading went? Amazingly well. The crowd were attentive throughout and I was given a huge round of applause. I would have posted photos of my reading but my Husband forgot to take any, he was too busy listening to me: a first!

The most proud moment came from a comment Pippa Hennessy made. She said my writing had come on so much in the past three years. So, all of the rejection letters and plain silence from publishers and magazines has been worth it. I am now in a stronger position to approach people and to read at venues such as Mayhem. All is good.

Next week I will be visiting The Harley Gallery to see Quentin Blake’s exhibition: As Large as Life. Will let you know how things go.

And finally, some great news. Nottingham Writers’ Studio have accepted a piece of fiction I submitted for their Crime Sampler anthology. I am going to be published!

Much love xx

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