Lisa Shipman is a writer, poet and teacher of Creative Writing. In her previous life, she worked for a Local Authority as a Benefits Advisor, though she looks upon this time as one of the most unhappiest periods in her history.
Lisa has recently completed a BA Creative and Professional Writing degree at The University of Nottingham, and is soon to graduate with First Class Honours. Lisa is proud of this achievement as she is the first in her family to attend University. Couple this with the fact that she is a mature student and has two children (ages 13 and 10 years), and it is clear why Lisa is elated by gaining her degree.
Lisa is passionate about teaching Creative Writing, especially to primary aged children. During her last year of studying Lisa ran creative writing workshops at a local primary school and achieved Writer in Residence status. Not content with that, Lisa went on to produce an anthology of creative writing with the work collated from the workshops. The anthology – Through the rainbow – is launched on Amazon in July 2013.
Alongside this, Lisa is a regular columnist for Heart of Glass Magazine – http://www.heartofglassmagazine.com

Lisa’s blog is an eclectic mix of interviews, poetry, free writing and memoir. She also recounts her continual journey as an emerging writer.

Feel free to contact Lisa on twitter @LisaShipman2 or via the comments section on the blog.

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