Second Issue Now Open For Submissions

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The Poor Press

A very happy new year from the Poor Press!

We are delighted to announce that submissions for our second edition are open! The theme for this issue is ‘Small Mercies’ and the deadline for submissions is the 7th of March. (Please note the deadline has been extended!)

As before we welcome any form or genre responding to the title theme, in less than 500 words. We are also looking for an illustrator or photographer to feature on our front cover and in an interior double page spread.

Before you contact us we recommend you view our submission guidelines here.

We very much look forward to reading your entries, which should be directed to us as usual at with the subject line ‘Small Mercies’.

Throughout 2013 we will host events for readers and writers alike. You will be notified of these through our mailing list or you can follow…

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Another fine interview from @EMAlderd

Strange Alliances

At the Dying of the Year Book Cover

I’m very fortunate that, at the moment, Chris Nickson lives in Nottingham. We had initially bumped into each other on Twitter and because of this I began reading his Richard Nottingham books. We finally met in Derby on a tweet-up after I had interviewed independent researcher Helen Kara (coming up soon). Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I interviewed Chris on the way back to Nottingham in a remarkably noisy sprinter train. Between the roar of the power units and singing children, I told Chris that this was the most unusual place I had ever interviewed a writer. Chris had no trouble toping that several times over. I suspect if he ever got down to writing an autobiography it would make riveting reading. So I am sure that Chris’s wealth of life experience will ensure we’re going to be treated to a huge variety of fascinating books for many years…

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A beautiful, tightly constructed poem, transmuting the personal to the poetical.


An unusual blog this week as for only the second time I am publishing a poem. Regular visitors will know that usually I only publish poems as a part of a collection, but there are occasionally exceptions, and today is one of them.

I was recently persuaded to break one of my golden rules of NEVER entering poetry competitions and submitted to the Fenland Poet Laureate event. I have since discovered I haven’t made the shortlist which means I can now share the work with you.

I will give a brief explanation of the poem following its line.

Lady of the Fen
By spring in rise from slumber long,
She smiles with light and morning song.
In fertile bloom as colours burst,
Her gentle arms, embrace while nurse.

A lady as by summer’s grace,
Adorned in ribbons and gilded lace.
Braids of green while flaxen hair,
With softest touch and…

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